Today I woke up at 1:00 P.M. I went to my best friend, Mena's, house. I arrived at about 2:45 P.M. I ate a piece of cheesecake. Then, I and Mena took turns punching a baloon she got from Chuck-E-Cheese. Then I, Mena, her parents, her brother, Shayam, Shayam's friend, Lavanya, Lavanya's little brother, and their parents went outside to go to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. When Mena got out, she went in again. When she came out, she was carrying her play laptop. Lavanya, her brother, and her parents went in her parent's car. Me, Mena, Shayam, and his parents went in their car. While we were going to the theater in Chino Hills, we played on the play laptop. First we did division. But after 8 questions, it was too hard for us. It was 51 / 3=_. We don't know what the answer was, so Mena asked Shayam. "Do you know what 51 / 3 is?" Mena asked. "Yeah," Shayam said. Mena asked, "What is it?" "I won't tell you." replied Shayam. So we went to multipilcation. After several hard ones, we went to Melody Mix. Then we went to Running Words. You need to type the letters as they go by. I typed them, and I got most of them except for yacht. Then we went to Drawing Center. We tried to write my name. When I was going to do the d, we were at the theater. The theater was called Harvins Theater. Mena closed the play laptop and we ran into the theater. We sat on a black bench inside. Mena's mother told me and Mena to go get the ticket's from Mena's father. We ran outside to Mena's and Lavanya's father and Mena got the tickets from her dad. There was five tickets, and Mena gave me mine. We ran back inside nonchalantly except with the tickets. Mena went to her mom. "Is it five tickets?" Her mom asked. "Yeah." Mena replied. "But that's four!" she said. "Melody have the other one." Mena said. "Oh, okay." her mother said. Mena's and Lavanya's dad came in. We gave our tickets to someone who was getting the tickets. "8 at your right," He said. Me and Mena ran inside the theater. It was big,and we were the second ones there! Me and Mena talked until the movie started. We had to wait for 20 minutes until it started. I don't know who went to buy the popcorn and water, but someone did(I think it was Mena's mom). Mena's mom gave the popcorn to us, and one cup of water to share. She also gave us two straws. When she got back, the movie still haven't started yet. Then the movie finally started. In the book, there wasn't anything about Hermione using the Oblivate spell on her parents in the beginning. When she did it, all of her from the pictures disappeared, and her parents treated her as a stranger, and they were convinced they were Sally and something going to Australia. Hermione did it because she was a Muggle-born, which meant her parents were muggles and she was a which. Voldemort was strong, and Hermione wanted to protect her parents from him, so she did the spell on them. My least favorite part in the movie was when Dobby died. He was killed by Bellatrix. Dobby was a free elf whom Harry tricked the Malfoys to free him. When Bellatrix threw the knife at him, I thought it was a paintbrush. My favorite parts was the funny parts like when Bellatrix was on the floor in the Malfoys' manor, Dobby was up on the chandelier, working.

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有個好友看到這張照片之後說: 圖片顯示,你們一家子都是超人!




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周女王: 嫻,妳為什麼喜歡玩數獨?

Melody: 我是語嫻,我覺得因為我弄完,我就絕得我寫的很快,而且最快可以十五分鍾喔. 

最近嫻愛上SUDOKU,每次跟媽咪視訊,都啟動Sudoku Too的邀請.


姑媽11/16來,看到姑媽也在玩,二位同好還去DOLLAR TREE買了8本回來填.

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